Skala is a little different. Here is why.


Skala is wholly owned by two Australian sisters who live in a small coastal town, just south of Perth in Western Australia. All orders are dispatched from here.


The fabric of every single Skala piece is made from 100% recycled PET plastic water bottles. Our fabric is thick, soft and luxurious, and is the number one factor we receive positive feedback about.


We purchase artwork from independent artists, which we print on our fabric.
Our printers adopt the most sustainable and eco-friendly printing technique currently available, which uses minimal energy and produces zero wastewater or effluent. We use Eco Passport certified inks for all of our prints.


We employ a team of individual and independent tailors, and not factories, to sew together our products. In doing so, we can ensure honest conditions, fair wages and autonomy for workers.


We produce small and continuous runs of our pieces. This allows us to pivot quickly, so that we are left with minimal unsold inventory. Any unsold/discontinued products are donated, not burned or sent to landfill, which is common industry practice


All of our packaging is made from compostable materials or recyclable paper. Our products are shipped with carbon-neutral shipping methods.
We are always welcoming other suggested practices that we can adopt to further minimise our impact.